Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Work

These are just a few of the new pieces I made for the recent Buyers' Market Show. I am just now getting around to taking documentary photos of them. Soon they will be shipped off to be professionally shot.
Large Vine Necklace : blackened sterling, 18k gold, chocolate diamond and white diamonds. The leaves freely swing with the movement of the wearer.

Marquise Cuff Bracelets : Brushed sterling, blackened sterling, 18k gold, citrine, peridots

Vine Ring : Blackened sterling, 18k gold, chocolate diamond


Beth Cyr said...

wow danielle!! reallly reallly gorgeous! i especially love the cuffs!

wunderbug said...

hiya! i just stopped by from my thread on etsy - and LOVE your stuff! it's absolutely gorgeous - you have a great eye.

joanna said...

those cuffs are excellent.