Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Massimo Vignelli

While in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I was *invited to attended a Massimo Vignelli lecture presented at SCAD Atlanta. Initially, I did not think I was familiar with Massimo Vignelli's designs...until I started to recognize much of his work during the presentation. He has designed everything from corporate identity, package design and product design to furniture, showroom design and subway signage. The scope of accomplishment in his five decade career is vast and truly inspiring.Vignelli is "a Modernist Design Legacy" whose work focuses on simplicity through the use of basic geometric forms, simple fonts and is highly architectural in character. Less is more.

I subscribe to a very similar design philosophy/aesthetic and I can only hope that my work is viewed as "visually powerful, elegant and timeless." Below are a few quotes from Vignelli that I jotted down during the lecture. They really struck a cord with me:
-Sift, sift, sift...until you get to the essence.

-Decoration should not be added, it should be integrated.

-Play with light---and the reflection or absorption of light, texture vs. shine.

*Thanks to Lisa and Jane for inviting me!

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