Friday, September 3, 2010

Some recent special orders

An apology is in order....I have been preoccupied with some big projects that have been time and energy consuming so my blogging has suffered terrible neglect.

So where do I begin? How do I get back into the blogging groove?

I guess I'll start with a quick post about some special orders I made this summer...
This was a 950 Palladium and 18k yellow gold engagement ring with antique diamond passed down by the customer's grandmother.

This was a custom ring I made for a customer who was entering a 2nd marriage. The 12 stones are birthstones of the husband, wife and 10 children...2 families uniting into one.

This was a custom pair of cufflinks I made using the customer's gorgeous Tahitian pearls.

A customer had purchased my Abacus Bracelet #5 and discovered it was just a tad too long for her. I removed a link and turned it into a pendant.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more frequent posts and to hear about those big projects that have been keeping me busy!


leslie (crookedstamper) said...

OMG, your work is stunning!

And that 2-into-1 family ring? *thud* And not just because it's gorgeuos, but the though to 10 kids in one house ... :)

joanna said...

dang, danielle! looking freaking gorgeous!

Maria Apostolou said...

They are all breathtaking! My favorite must be the 12 stone ring!