Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Carnival - Ring a Day

Once a month, members of the EtsyMetal team are asked a question and then requested to blog about it. This month's question is: What is your favorite ring from the Ring-a-Day Project thus far?

If I had to choose one of my own rings, it would be my "Growth" ring from day #25. I had been experimenting with the folded leaf-like band since my "Orange Blossom" ring on day #13 and I really think the resolution of "Growth" is a perfect continuation of that experimentation. I will definitely be making more of these slightly whimsical, nature-inspired rings in the coming months.
"Growth" sterling silver. scored and bent, forged, fabricated.

The Ring-a-Day Project has given me the motivation to veer off my daily path and the freedom to explore concepts and designs that don't need to fit in with my production line. I have been yearning for this freedom for a long time and I am so glad I decided to join this project!

There are too many fabulous rings to choose favorites, but here are a few that I really love from others participating in this project. And don't forget you can always browse the entire group pool (over 3,ooo photos so far!) on flickr: Ring-a-Day.

Bad Girl Button Ring 9/365 by Thomasin Durgin/metalriot

"cot" (in) , "cot" (on) by Victoria Takahashi/experimental

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