Thursday, December 5, 2013

Turquoise, Zircon or Tanzanite? Why Just Choose One? December IS the Season for Giving

It’s almost like when the end of the year rolled around; whoever was figuring out the birthstone calendar ran out of months before they ran out of stones! And so, if you were born during the month of December you get to choose from not one, not two but three exciting and colorful stones!
Turquoise cabochons from SouthSouthWest
Turquoise was the original stone chosen back in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers while in 1952 zircon was added and then in 2002 tanzanite was also included. But no matter when or why, if you are a Sagittarius or Capricorn, there is an awesome array of stones to mix and match into gorgeous custom jewelry designs just as special and unique as the wearer.

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, you might want to stock up on traditional turquoise. Said to bring a sense of calming serenity to the wearer, lore has it that turquoise can also bring happiness, good fortune and prosperity, properties we can all use more of and wish for this time of year.

While zircon is naturally found in a wide variety of colors, the one associated with December is the starlight blue stone. Regular naturally shaded zircon is heated in an oxygen free environment, turning the drab yellow, green or brown stones into a gorgeous sky blue. Zircons are also good jewels for the holidays since they are said to protect travelers and guarantee a deep sound sleep.

Another gem that is often heat treated to achieve its rich violet blue color is tanzanite. In the past, tanzanite was frequently substituted for sapphire. But since being named a December birthstone alternative, they are now standing on their own as a popular gemstone valued for their beauty and brilliance.
Tanzanite and diamond ring by Danielle Miller Jewelry
Whether a gift for someone else or that special holiday treat for yourself, any one of these three stones make the perfect birthday present. Or maybe consider mixing the stones for a very unique and interesting visual.