Friday, January 28, 2011

Nervous Habit Rings

There is something particularly intimate about a ring---Not only because it is used as a symbol of love---but because it literally surrounds and becomes a part of the wearer more so than other jewelry. Our hands are the main source of our gestural language...we wave hello, we hug, we shake and hold hands...
Nervous Habit Ring #7. Made in 1996-ish.
Published in "Fidgeting in Style" Lapidary Journal January 1997 and "1000 Rings", Lark Books.

I have always liked to make rings that are gestural, playful, kinetic....
Rings that can be enjoyed by the wearer and viewer, rings that are conversation starters, rings that are more than just rings...

Revisiting my love for kinetic rings in the Ring-a-Week Challenge has made me think about some of my older designs. I recently rephotographed them since I had no digital images of them---only slides! (How old school is that?!)
Nervous Habit Ring #8? Made in 1996-ish.
Published in "Fidgeting in Style" Lapidary Journal January 1997.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ring-a-Week : ring 3/52

Continuing with the kinetic theme this week...

Fidgeting Marquise Ring
Sterling silver w/ patina. Marquise elements freely rock back and forth.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ring-a-Week: ring 2/52

My second ring for the Ring-a-Week challenge was inspired by some other pieces in my Mod Collection. It is a combination of my Mod Rocker Rings and my Mod Slider Necklace.
Mod Slider Ring - sterling silver, amethyst and garnet.It doesn't see-saw up and down like my Mod Rocker Rings, but the stones settings do freely slide back and forth. This is a quick video I shot with my little digital camera, so please excuse the poor video quality...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Challenges...

You may or may not know, a year ago, I embarked on a challenge entitled "A Ring-a-Day" in which I was to create one ring every day for as long as I could...

I lasted 100 days. (see my RAD rings on flickr.)
Some brave and VERY creative souls lasted an entire 365. (see everyone's RAD rings on flickr.)

Now in 2011, I am embarking on another challenge...a little less demanding but equally as inspiring..."A Ring-a-Week". I have committed to making one ring per week for the entire year...52 rings! I hope to continue to explore some of the ideas that I began with the previous challenge, to make some rings that have been brewing in my mind for a while and to be inspired to new levels.

This is my first ring for the Ring-a-Week Challenge:
18k gold & green tourmaline.
The stone setting freely slides back and forth.
I hope to not only blog my rings but also to share with you some of the amazing rings made by my fellow Ring-a-Day artists....stay tuned! In the meantime, you can view everyone's RAW rings on flickr.