Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These Shadow Boxes are like Magic!

I was recently invited to participate in an art exhibition that was, ironically and unfortunately, not prepared to display jewelry. Normally I would shy (or run) away from organizations not able to properly display/secure jewelry. However, this exhibition pulled on my heart strings. It is the first exhibition for the past scholarship recipients of the Allied Artists of Johnstown---a scholarship I was awarded 20 years ago!

Feeling nostalgic, my mission began...find a way to display my jewelry that is secure and easy to ship. That is when I remembered an article I read in the Jeweler Resource Bureau about mounting jewelry in floating shadow boxes. These shadow boxes are two part frames which open at the center, allowing you to place almost any jewelry item inside. A clear, flexible plastic sheeting accommodates the jewelry and holds it firmly in place---virtually suspending it. A strong magnetic strip holds the two sides of the frame/box securely closed.
"Effervescence Wave Brooch" suspended in shadow box display

My next mission...find a way to secure this shadow box onto a pedestal and prevent it from being opened. That is when I turned to my husband, Ben Gilliam---metal artist, teacher and brilliant gig maker.
He designed and made me this wooden stand to hold the shadow box. It gets screwed to the top of the pedestal then the frame slides into the groove. He inserted a female thread into the bottom of the shadow box frame, and a screw then secures the frame in the wood base. Simple and brilliant, no?! Thanks, Ben!
These shadow boxes are available in bulk from Prestige Pak Inc. or in smaller quantities from Rio Grande.


Christie Cottage said...

This is awesome! My friend who owns a local jewelry store sets up with me at a few shows. This is what she needs! I am gong to forward her the link to your blog.


Audrey said...

That looks great!! Really shows of the jewelry!

Margaux Lange said...

Brilliant! So clever and beautiful, a great solution!

ce said...

Thanks for the shout out Danielle -- we're still offering a good deal on them on our website (http://www.jewelersresource.com/public/349.cfm). Everyone who bought these has raved about them. The distributor gave us a great price for our website readers -- way better than a major giant catalog sells them for!

Let us know when you need more. So glad they work for you - you rock!

rachel said...

Hi Danielle! Hope you are very well. Your new work looks great. I wanted to say hi, and hope you and your family are very well. Cheers!