Friday, June 5, 2009

Signature style...

A question has been asked, "How did you come to develop your clearly defined style? What inspired that signature style?"

First, I should describe what I consider my "clearly defined style"... Simple, refined geometric forms, clean line and kinetic elements (especially abacus-like ones) are an integral part of my "signature style."

I have always been drawn to geometry, minimalism and mechanisms. I believe that growing up in a steel mill town played a huge role in influencing this design aesthetic. I took in the everyday sights, like factory architecture, freight trains and the lattice of bridges, with a child’s wonder-filled eyes. All of this sparked my own creative industry, which I now express through my jewelry design. Like the gears and rails that inspired it, my jewelry is geometric and much of it has moving parts.
Bethlehem Steel's mills along the Conemaugh Rivers, Johnstown, PA

The kinetic aspect of my "signature style" was brought to life while I was studying jewelry at Tyler School of Art, during a project in which we had to design a piece of jewelry that attached to the wearer in a non-traditional method. I created a brooch that used a series of sterling gears and rubber rollers in which the wearer's shirt fabric rolled between the rollers as a means of attachment. After that project, I started to explore the concept of kinetic jewelry and how the wearer could interact with it. The last few months of my studies were devoted to creating large rings with playful, movable elements, entitled "Nervous Habit Rings." Once I graduated, I began scaling down my ideas to appeal to the consumer while still maintaining the kinetic base.
Incline Plane, Johnstown, PA

I entered the marketplace in 1994 with my kinetic designs...but didn't feel like I had my "signature style" down yet. In 1995 I made my first "Abacus Bracelet." I continued to build on that design and that is when my "signature style" finally took a true hold. Although my designs are constantly evolving, I still feel like all of my work has a consistent and "clearly defined style."
Abacus Bracelet #1

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Almost Precious said...

Love the beautiful clean designs of your jewelry. Not overly ornate or heavy with froo froo (spelling?).

Margaux Lange said...

this is really cool to read Danielle. Totally makes sense and I definitely can see the connection in your work.

Ruth said...

I have commented here before on how incredible it is that you make abacus jewelry, wich is similar to some pieces I made a long time ago, except that you have taken it further than me - I haven't made anything along those lines for a long time.
Even stranger in my mind is that I was making my abacus jewelry round about 94 - 95. Now since I am situated in Israel, and internet wasn't really very wide spread at the time - what are the chances that that would happen?
That we live at the other side of the world and still, with our very different inspiration sources come up with similar pieces ?!

kerin rose said...

Danielle, am loving following the thread of all these connections between the landscape of your childhood, and your current work...and congrats on being chosen as one of Cindy Edelstein's best of jewelry blogs!....


ps I joined the carnival too! how fun and interesting....

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