Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week Two of the Ring-a-Day Challenge

Week two (Jan 8-14) and still going strong!
Last Friday I made a ring that was inspired by the Orbit Ring (RAD #6) I had made the week before. The new version is hinged, making it kinetic and wearable in several variations. Here is a video showing 3 of the 6 ways it can be worn:
Orbit Ring #2 - in motion

I don't get much (if any) studio time on the weekends, so I have been saving my "ready made" or "days-without-a-studio" ring ideas for those days. This past week's weekend theme was "Tool as Ring." Later in the week, I made a ring using a plastic orange juice lid that I had been holding onto for months---way before this challenge started. As soon as I saw it in the grocery store, I knew I wanted to make something with it. The RAD Project gave me the perfect excuse to just do it! (Just one of the reasons why I love this project!) I loved the way the band turned out on the orange ring, so I made another ring using the same technique---and I plan on doing more with this in the coming weeks and possibly adding it to my regular line.
1. Orange Blossom 2. "Chiseled" 3. Caliper Ring 2 -Tool as Ring
4. Caliper Ring -Tool as Ring 5. C-clamp - Tool as Ring 6. Leaf

Please click here to visit the entire Ring-a-Day group pool on flickr. There are so many brilliant rings there!

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