Wednesday, May 12, 2010

putting a Label on it...

I was reading the Scoutie Girl blog today and became interested in Tara's We Scout Wednesday post: "Labels: What's Yours?"

Tara said
"the language we choose to label ourselves affects the way others perceive us, the choices we make, and even the direction we choose to pursue with our passion."

I think many of us struggle with labeling ourselves and/or our businesses. The fact that, as a society, we have to put a label on everything is sometimes annoying. But it is necessary for us to keep track of all facets of our world and labeling or compartmentalizing helps our minds stay organized.

So.....What is my label? Who am I? How do I want my customers and peers to perceive me?
  • Am I a bench jeweler?
  • Am I a designer?
  • Am I an artist?
  • Am I an entrepreneur?
I am all of these things and more....
I hope others see this and label me accordingly.


Unknown said...

Hi, Im a soaper from Vietnam. Came across your blog by accident and really really admire your work. I featured your blog and creations in mine, hope you don't mind.

Here's the link to my blog

Prad Savania said...

Wow, im an aspiring shoe designer!

You should check out my new shoe design blog. All my designs are hand-drawn!