Friday, January 4, 2013

BROOCH-ing in the New Year

brooch |brō ch; broō ch |nounan ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch.
I have decided to participate in another jewelry design challenge this year: "BAW = Brooch-a-Week!"

My team mates from EtsyMetal are hosting this New Year Challenge, as well as, a "Brooch-a-Day" challenge for those very adventurous types! These challenges are open to any and all artists who wish to participate---you need not be a member of EtsyMetal. Come join the fun!

There are no real rules---simply to create one brooch every day or every week (depending on which challenge you are participating in) for the entire year. Then photograph and post it in the appropriate flickr group. It is an exercise in discipline and creative exploration....Any materials, any technique!

You can join or simply follow the Challenges here:
"BAD = Brooch-a-Day" flickr group
"BAW = Brooch-a-Week" flickr group

I'm not sure it I will have the stamina to make it through the entire year, but I am going to try! I have joined the BAW party and am hoping for some fun, inspiration and stimulation.

Here is my first brooch of the challenge: "New Year's Brooch"
January 2013
sterling silver, copper, champagne cork

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