Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Magical Properties of May’s Birthstone - Emerald

During the Middle Ages it was believed that emeralds held the ability to predict the future. Many also thought wearing emeralds would grant patience, insure youth and good fortune and were a symbol of rebirth. While the soothing color of the stone was believed to rejuvenate the eyes, stop bleeding and prevent epilepsy.
Taken from the Greek word, “smaragdos” which loosely translates as green stones, emeralds originally were worn by royalty including Queen Cleopatra and Atahualpa, the final Inca King of Peru whose headdress was the Crown of the Andes, a magnificent piece set with over 1,523 carats of high quality emeralds. The ancient Romans associated emeralds with the goddess Venus because they believed the stones represented the earth’s seasonal rebirth while early Christians saw them as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. All this makes sense since the natural shadings found in emeralds makes one think of Mother Nature awakening after a long cold winter.

While the most famous emerald mines, producing the world’s largest and highest quality stones are located in Colombia, South America, Zambia is the second largest producer. Emeralds are also mined in Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Norway and here in the United States the stones can be found in North Carolina.

Usually discovered inside shale which is a fine-grained sedimentary rock, an emerald’s color is caused by trace amounts of chromium and iron. Unlike many other gemstones, the inclusions and additional flaws found in emeralds are considered part of the stone’s character. Many natural emeralds are soaked in a green-colored oil to help define their shading and luster. Over the years as the stone begins to dull a quick soak in mineral oil can help return the emerald to its original shine.

Because of their coloring, emeralds work well set in all types of metals. But don’t surround them with too many other stones, emeralds are so rich and elegant, they need to shine on their own! So get your green on and have Danielle custom design an emerald piece just for you!

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