Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pearls, Moonstone or Alexandrite? June Birthstone the Choice is Yours!

Leaf Earrings with Pearl by Danielle Miller Jewelry
The first and most popular birthstone for the month of June is the pearl. This organic gem is so versatile! From pearl earrings to a pendant, necklace, bracelet or a gorgeous ring featuring one or more stones, pearls were once harvested mainly from saltwater oysters. Now most of the pearls used in jewelry today are categorized as “cultured” and are mass produced in thriving oyster farms, both fresh and saltwater.

White or cream are the most popular shadings for pearls, but these days it’s not unusual to see them also available in wide color palette including pinks, black, blue, lavender and green.

While pearls have been used for medicinal purposes since as early as 2000 BC, in many parts of Asia, even to this day, lower grade pearls are ground and used in different potions and salves.

If you think pearls are too traditional then why not check out a moonstone? From the family of feldspar minerals, moonstones got their name from the opalescent and luminous quality caused by light diffraction within the stone. The highest quality moonstones are mined in Sri Lanka but can also be found in India, Madagascar and the Alps. Folklore has it that moonstones bring good fortune to the wearer because of spirits that are believed to inhabit the stones.
Chiseled Rainbow Moonstone Ring by Danielle Miller Jewelry
Perhaps you want a stone that reflects your changing personality, then alexandrite is the one for you. A brilliant green, many times with either a blue or brown tint when viewed in natural light, alexandrite change and appears violet with reddish highlights under artificial light.

Alexandrites are very sturdy stones, only diamonds, sapphires and rubies are harder. They are difficult to mine and considered a fairly rare and uncommon stone. Like its partner moonstone, Sri Lanka is home to the best and largest alexandrites. Synthetic alexandrite has been produced but only with limited success because the color change was unable to be reproduced.
Alexandrite Gemstones
People with June birthdays are so lucky! From traditional to rare, people born during the month of June can choose a birthstone as unique as their personality!

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