Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The many colors of August---the birthstone choice is yours

People born in the month of August are so lucky! They get the choice of either peridot or sardonyx for their birthstone.
Vine Ring with pear-shaped peridot by Danielle Miller Jewelry
Peridot is a gorgeous green shaded stone sometimes mistaken for an emerald. In fact many times it’s referred to as an “evening emerald” since the finer quality peridots become brighter when viewed under artificial light. The color spectrum for peridot range from light green to hazel brown, with the colors usually seen in contemporary jewelry being lime greens and olives.

One of the oldest gemstones of record, it is thought that the “topaz” mentioned in the Old Testament was actually peridot. And the ancient Egyptians and Greeks both used peridot in jewelry, weapons and talismans. It has always been regarded as a symbol of the sun and was believed that wearing peridot brought royal dignity and kept away evil spirits.

Peridot is formed deep in the earth and has been brought to the surface by volcanoes that erupted thousands of years ago. Today’s gemstones are mined primarily in China, Pakistan and here in the United States they are found in Arizona and New Mexico.

If green isn’t your color then check out the richness and brilliance of sardonyx. These stones are a member of the silica family and most are white, gray or cream banded with brown/red/rust layers. In fact, the word “sardonyx” comes from two Greek words, “sard” meaning reddish brown and “onyx” meaning veined gem.
In addition to being used in August birthstone jewelry, sardonyx is most often seen in both cameos and intaglios. Sardonyx is mined throughout the world, with the highest quality stones found in India.

Both peridot and sardonyx are relatively inexpensive stones that offer a classy and timeless look in everything from rings to pendants. Or why not consider combining both stones in something like a stunning custom designed bracelet?

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jelly andrews said...

Oh! I love the idea of combining the peridot and sardonyx into one jewelry. That would really be great. You could have the best of both gemstones.