Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday at the Bench...BMAC prep

I have been busy getting ready for the upcoming Buyers Market...replenishing my pillaged sample set and designing new work. I always feel a little ADD at this time of year...a huge list of "to do's" and too many ideas going in too many directions. This week I have been (trying) to concentrate on adding to my Marquise Collection and am really excited about some of the results. I still have tons to do and nothing is complete yet, but here is a sample of what I've started:
These bracelets are quickly becoming some of new favorites...especially the forged one! I wore it all day yesterday to test the balance and it is simple, graphic and elegant.


Katie Do said...

Ooooooh! Very pretty!

Catherine Chandler said...

oh my those are sooooo gorgeous!!!

Cynthia Del Giudice said...

I love these!
Hey Danielle, you're "IT"!
Yes, I tagged you. If you want to play, check my blog for information and game rules.

I hope you play ;)

Ashley said...

I love all of these new pieces! So glad you are adding to this collection.