Monday, September 7, 2009

The first piece of jewelry I made...

I made my first piece of jewelry well over 20 years ago. Sure, I strung macaroni and made construction paper link necklaces years before that...but this was was first metalsmithed piece.

I had an amazing high school art teacher (thank you Mr. Pozun!) and he introduced jewelry making when I was a sophomore (circa 1986 - age 16). The funny part of the story is....I HATED it! We had to lay out our design on a sheet of nickle silver and cut it out. The tedious sawing and filing that followed was TORTURE. And Mr Pozun did all the soldering, so I missed out on the FIRE (aka the fun part)!

I truly discovered my passion for working in metals a year later, while at the PA Governor's School (a summer art camp of sorts) when I was introduced to steel sculpture and braising. Metal + Fire = LOVE!

And a year later, I was in college and concentrating my studies in Jewelry/Metals. Funny how things work out, huh?

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Quercus Silver said...

Such a fabulous first piece. Thanks for sharing it!

Kerrie said...

This makes me want to go search for the first piece I ever made! Thanks for sharing.

Delias Thompson said...

giggles. I wish my school had offered metalsmithing! How lucky are you?

Fun post!

kerin rose said...

there is something I really like about this ring Danielle!....very exotic lines, I think!

Rolex Replica said...

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